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 Using Google

Do you use Google to look up things?

·         I do occasionally.


Recently I was informed my Google background meant what I had to offer was suspect.

·         So I had a look to see what was in there.

·         What I found was just a single article from my local newspaper (in 2012).

·         This was written to promote some Kindle books I had published at that time.

·         But that was all there was!


So you might be both skeptical and wary as my informant was.

·         Until then I had not realised that reference would be the base for an assessment of me.

·         And what I have to offer as well.


But my experience is much more comprehensive than conveyed by Google.

·         Google doesn’t even reference my journalistic activities in the same newspaper.

·         For twenty years I had written a weekly article on the local art scene.

·         Although that did finish twenty years ago.


But my experience is actually broader than that.

·         For example I have written in other newspapers and magazines on sport.

·         My writing style has developed from my journalistic background.


I also write for two art magazines – even now, one national and published monthly.

·         The other is international and published bi-monthly in the USA.

·         I have had articles in each issue for around 15 and 10 years respectively.

·         The focus in both is on earning an income from an art career.


I offer business advice for artists and many have responded to that.

·         Often they have been represented by galleries, who can provide quite a deal of knowledge.

·         But my background is extremely broad and based on actual experience.


I have made mistakes and also learned what to do, often years later.

·         I doubt if anyone has real world experience in these areas:

·         Hiring/renting your works, actually running a gallery, teaching/running an art school, money from copyright via prints and also in other ways, setting up a retirement plan, having sell-out exhibitions, making money from commissions, obtaining referrals, how to sell, and obtaining and using an agent.

·         You should have access to that information.

·         You can at the Expansion career guides portal of this website.


You might expect to find this background in Google.

·         But there is one thing about experience – it is all in the past.

·         Some of that is quite a long way in the past and likely to pre-date Google.


I have actually written a (very) comprehensive background to my career.

·         It has been serialised as the Art Professional Marketing story through this website.


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